Delicious homemade  cake


Cakes that are on special offer are covered with Tichina but inwardly they are based
on chocolate with different Kreman of:

Orange, strawberry, lemon, honey, caramel, white chocolate, milk or dark (70%) of chocolate ...

The external appearance and decoration according to the agreement.

Price is negotiable, depending on the complexity and size of the cake and ranges from Rs 330 onwards.
There is a possibility that the cake covered with chocolate instead Tichina, and then the price of 220 HRK
onwards depending on the size and complexity of manufacture. We take orders 7 days a forward,
and there is a possibility, and within 7 days but with no guarantees that we will accept your order.

If you go during the Batala try our daily offer, which includes:

Cheesecake and lime, chocolate tart, chocolate suff, tart apples, bananas and berries, apple cake,
muffins and others. Products suitable for people with a specific type of diet

Of course, if you do something you like,
you can order and enjoy the sweet embrace of home for just 150HRK.

Cake That We Do


Gabi proizvodi

Kolači koji su na posebnoj ponudi su prekriveni bjelom pastom, ali iznutra su puni čokolade s različitim cremama od: naranče, jagode, limuna, meda, karamele, bijele čokolade, mlijeka ili tamne čokolade.
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