Our Partners

Wedding agency

We work with several agencies for the organization of weddings in the area of Dubrovnik and beyond, which already have many years of experience and a good reputation. If you are not sure who to contact to organize your special day or you need advice and suggestions contact us and we can give you the contact and recommendation of several agencies that could provide the service.

Wedding locations

If you want to complete your wedding and special events with beautiful memories, we can help you choose a location in the old town and in natural surroundings. We can help you with the location of fortresses, parks, villas and islands as special destinations of national nature parks in cooperation with several catering companies with good experience and reputation.

Congress organizations

If you have any doubts about congress events in and around Dubrovnik, we can help you with the location and contact of agencies that can provide high quality service. We are happy to immediately give a recommendation and priority to the SPICE agency in this category. Also hotel contacts who will be happy to provide the service you need depending on the size of the number of people as participants and the accommodation capacity for all.

Hotels / restaurants / bars

If you need information on which locations in the city, hotels, restaurants or bars serve our cakes daily or for different occasions .Especially if you are not sure what category they are, feel free to contact us to provide better experience and complete service of our cakes served in other places for all occasions and especially for weddings with specific service you need.

Diferent accommodations

For individual accommodation of several people or more as a whole group for business or private reasons. Especially accommodation for a family that wants to be together for a wedding we can give you contact or help in choosing private apartments, private villas or accommodation in different categories of hotels that are close to the location of your event.

Excursions / transfers

If you are interested in various excursions such as wine roads, nature excursions, hiking trails or mountain climbing. Also kayaking, cycling or boat trip in groups or individually to the islands. You want to get to know new places and traditions as well as the way of life in the area of Dubrovnik with the service of taxi transport and group transfers. Feel free to contact us to give you information about agencies, transportation or locations for the service you need especially if it is a wedding.